I've always wanted to become a rocket scientist

I want to work on dynamic control and optimization problems for aircrafts

Over the past summer, I worked on understanding the mathematics behind reachability and safety and worked on an incomplete code base to guarantee safety of a quadrotor that learns its trajectory from GPS and state estimations.One of the key commonalities between my research interests is the mathematics underneath the hood.

My love for math has further motivated me to go further into statistical learning and also into game theory, to broaden my horizon and push beyond robotics and mainframe computer science and explore its new applications like financial modelling and trending on the stock markets on Wall Street.


I am trying to change the way people interact

I'm currently working on the Knapsack Network, a startup that connects bartering communities

We are trying to create a community of users which connects people who are under different constraints like time and location to get favors done by people who are available at that particular location and time.


I occasionally fall back to the artist within

I admire the beauty around me and love recreating its essense in my works

I have always been passionate about the arts and grew up playing the keyboard and cherishing Indian classical music. I got into photography, ceramic modelling and sculpting during my time at Cal and have presented some of my works at the Wuster Art gallery, Berkeley.


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These are some of my key skills


I absolutely love number crunching and mathematical modelling especially in finance. Recently, I have worked with SFO-Airport data, housing data as well as CAPM Pricing models


I try to minimize any problem I'm faced with; from the Control systems, Algorithms and even optimal solutions in probabilistic bounds where the optimal solution is constrained by uncertainty.


I love working ground-up with different robotic systems like autonomous cars, drones and land-robots and am currently exploring collision avoidance models within multi-vehicle systems.

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